Subiksaa Hostel Management DO & DONT’S


  • Keep the rooms and mansion premises neat and hygienic.
  • Maintain Good relationship with room-mates and employees.
  • Handle all the things which provided and return the same in good condition.
  • Switch off the lights and fans when not in use.

DON’Ts :

  • Outsiders NOT allowed inside the room but they allowed in visitors Hall.
  • Do not put food wastes inside the room dustbin.
  • Consuming alcohol in Mansion is strictly prohibited.
  • Chewing and spitting of tobacco/Chewing gums inside our premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Playing cards, Gambling and betting in the premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not Damage or destroy mansion’s properties.
  • Do not cause inconvenience to other inmates.


  1. Inmates must provide ID Proof & Contact along with Application form.
  2. Monthly rent has to be paid on or before  7th of every month.
  3. Late payment will attract Rs.100 fine per day and will be deducted from caution deposit.
  4. Vacate intimation must be given on or before 5th of that month.